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Welcome to PPI Advice Ltd

We specialise in reclaiming PPI. So far we have found 36 reasons why a PPI policy was mis-sold, and that list of complaint points will continue to grow. This extensive experience is used to ensure our client’s PPI claims are upheld and compensation is paid.

Our services are offered on a No Win – No Fee basis at 15% plus VAT of the compensation awarded.

Our Claims Management resources include the following services:

  1. we offer guidance to assist you to locate PPI, even in respect of accounts that closed many years ago
  2. we order copies of relevant paperwork from lenders
  3. we examine and review copies of original paperwork received from your lenders
  4. we provide assistance with the completion of questionnaires
  5. we compile comprehensive complaint letters, often 4 pages full of claim points
  6. we challenge firms if they defend the sale of PPI
  7. we check the compensation calculations are fair and seek a review if they are found to be deficient
  8. we undertake a referral to the Ombudsman service, if this is required
  9. we issue emails to update you on the progress of each of your PPI claims

We will save you time, considerable effort and update you at each stage of the claims process. You may have had just one element of finance, or it could be several dozen, so we pre-populate the claim forms on your behalf. This means you avoid having to write your name, address and date of birth on every claim form.

Our application forms are sent by first class post ready to sign. We also email the pre-populated forms, if that is preferred. Finding PPI can be time consuming and frustrating. Many lenders will confirm if PPI was attached to your borrowings, but they may omit to advise the start date. When this happens we can issue a Data Subject Access Request as we then receive a copy of useful documents issued when PPI was arranged. But not all lenders provide this useful information. Many lenders fail to locate our client’s records.

The average amount of compensation is £2,500 for each claim. Most of our clients ask us to investigate a variety of finances that include loans, credit cards, overdrafts, mortgages, business finance, catalogue companies and store cards issued by shops and other retailers. Although many claims relate to the last 20 years we have been successful with earlier cases, even dating back to 1984.

We set out below some important details, relevant highlights and your options.

Billions have been paid to millions

As reported on the Financial Conduct Authority website. The total amount of compensation is released approximately 3 months in arrears.

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August 2017
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January 2018
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Total compensation paid to claimants since January 2011 is a staggering £31,900,000,000

Your three options - what will you choose?

Take no action – you will never find out & you will receive nothing

Claim on your own – Do It Yourself – are you proficient at DIY?

Use a specialist to achieve results & check the compensation is fair

Far too busy to claim yourself?

Fed up researching PPI?

Claimed yourself & been rejected?

All PPI claims will be time-barred by 29th August 2019

Millions of claims to be time-barred in 2018 and early 2019 - claim now or you risk being time-barred

Have you ever arranged finances with Barclays Bank or Barclaycard?

If you have ever had finances with Barclays Bank or Barclaycard then please read our important message.
Also applies to Egg Banking, Elderbridge, First Plus, Goldfish, Littlewoods, Morgan Stanley, Standard Life Bank and Woolwich Building Society

  • No Win – No Fee
  • Low fee only 15% plus VAT
  • No cold calls or texts
  • Dedicated PPI specialists
  • Application forms by post or email
  • Progress updates by email
  • We challenge ‘reject’ decisions
  • We review compensation calculations

Want help locating past finances?

We assist most people

  • UK nationals living in the UK and overseas
  • Non UK nationals living in the UK and overseas
  • PPI claims for loans, credit cards, overdrafts, mortgages, business loans, store cards and catalogues

Compensation Awards - A Selection

Barclaycard credit card£8610.62
Barclays Bankoverdraft£2306.21
Barclays Bankloan£5679.00
Yorkshire Bank loan£7002.60
Lloyds Bank credit card£3020.90
Barclaycard credit card£17100.54
Barclaycard credit card£1802.40
Capital One credit card£668.54
Halifax loan£3686.89
NatWest Bankloan£3107.11
Barclaycard credit card£243.14
Barclays Bank overdraft£314.36
MBNA credit card£111.68
NatWest Bankloan£187.24
NatWest Bankloan£1894.98
NatWest Bankloan£1558.98
NatWest Bankloan£4723.95
Barclays Bankoverdraft£1338.84
Capital One credit card£620.29
Barclaycard credit card£325.08
NatWest Bankmortgage£2337.93
Barclaycard credit card£642.93
Egg credit card£420.81
Littlewoods catalogue£997.45
Barclays Bankloan£410.19
Barclaycard credit card£49.83
Barclays Bankloan£2063.69
Capital One credit card£327.99
Barclays Bankoverdraft£1722.27
Yorkshire Bank credit card£4761.18
Barclays Bankloan£1123.46
Santander loan£2365.11
Next store card£4840.86
Northern Rock loan£1066.24
NatWest Bankloan£232.21
NatWest Bankloan£1350.29
Citi Financialcredit card£1186.67
Egg credit card£312.44
HSBC Bankloan£3462.36
RBS Bankloan£1687.90
Barclaycard credit card£1771.42
Barclaycard credit card£490.97
Barclays Bankloan£1476.31
Northern Rock mortgage£9903.75
GE Money credit card£158.32
Barclays Bankloan£91.38
Yorkshire Bank credit card£3055.17
Clydesdale Bank loan£13458.21
Halifax loan£583.02
MBNA credit card£1086.41
RBS Bankcredit card£1661.61
Lloyds Bankcredit card£3200.90
HSBC Bankloan£529.65
Top Shopstore card£321.76
Lloyds Bankmortgage£2136.84
Santander loan£5038.53
Lloyds Bankloan£1197.49
Lloyds Bankloan£599.68
American Express credit card£1104.82
HSBC Bankcredit card£197.42
Halifax credit card£2587.61
MBNA credit card£992.30
Marks &Spencercredit card£4092.04

A third of PPI claims have been made but two thirds of PPI claims have yet to be made

An article in the Financial Times explained that only a third of potential claims have been made. The article indicated that another £44 billion of compensation is potentially due. Based on current trends it could take another ten years before all PPI claims are made. However The Financial Conduct Authority has introduced a time limit to PPI complaints. As of the 29th August 2019 no PPI complaints will be accepted by banks, other lenders and those responsible for mis-sold PPI policies. Anyone who fails to claim in time will lose out financially.

Banks and other lenders have already started issuing letters to millions of customers. As a result millions of claims will be time barred even sooner, either in 2018 or before August 2019. You cannot make a PPI claim once the matter is subject to a time bar even if your PPI policy was mis-sold. It is in your own interests to start your PPI claims sooner rather than later to avoid being time-barred.

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